Add this symbol to certify the signatures you make today:

Check the Quantum-Proof-of-Work in the Blockchain (Check past symbols)
The timestamp for handwritten signatures

Using a Real Quantum Computer the InterPlanetary File System and the Ethereum Blockchain

Past symbols:

The proof of concept ended on April 9th. Will be restored soon. Contact if you need to generate a new signature.
Apr 8th 2018: - Apr 7th 2018: - Apr 6th 2018: - Apr 5th 2018: - Apr 4th 2018: - Apr 3rd 2018: - Apr 2nd 2018:

How it works?

To generate the timestamp symbol, first we put the 5 QBITs of the IBMQX4 Quantum Computer in the superposition quantum state multiple times to generate a real random number, we save the IBMQ output in a Interplanetary FileSystem node, as a proof-of-work of a quantum machine. We use that random number to select one of the runes of the Runic Unicode block, and then we save the timestamp, IPFS links and Quantum result in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Do you want to attach custom data to your signature? Create yours today!

By creating your own signature you are going to be able to save your own data. Some use cases may include:
Signing a document you have been forced to sign or you aren't agree with, where you can explain why you are not agree.
Attaching files to a handwritten document or signature, to have a quick proof of ownership
This could be accepted by a jury in a future court.

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